Smoked Mullet:

Sold by the piece or special order
Smoked Mullet dip:

 6 oz. size and 1/2 gallon

Special Order

Florida White Shrimp (IQF)


Fresh Cedar Key Oysters:

  Boxes of 50 count

  Boxes of 100 count
  Bags of 30#
  Shucked, by the pint or gallon

Please call us for pricing. 352-215-6955

Clam sizes (sold in 100 count bags or special order)
Pastaneck: At least ¾ inch thick,18 to 25 per pound
Littleneck: At least 7/8 inch thick, 14 to 18 per pound
Middleneck: At least 1 inch thick, 10-13 per pound
Topneck: At least 11/8 inches thick, 7-9 per pound