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Frank & Tracie Drummond

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We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of product and service.

On July 1, 1995, Floridians voted to “Ban the Nets”, putting commercial fishermen out of a livelihood that supported Florida families for generations.  Most of these fishermen knew no way of life other than net fishing.  In response to this dire circumstance, the State of Florida offered to teach these fishermen how to become clam farmers, a new endeavor for the state.  Clam farming, now known as aquaculture, became a new way of life and a blessing for dozens of families in the small fishing town of Cedar Key, FL.  Cedar Key is now the number one producer of farm-raised clams in the USA!  Even though the town has embraced this endeavor, don’t think for a minute that the older generation doesn’t miss the way it used to be!  Many generations of Cedar Key fishermen made their living net fishing, and they miss it still.
Frank and Tracie Drummond became part of Cedar Key’s aquaculture through her father, Gary Hathcox, a former net fisherman turned clam farmer.  After the “Ban the Nets” legislation put an end to his commercial fishing, Mr. Hathcox started his clam farming business and invited his son-in-law and daughter to join in.  At the time, Frank was a paramedic/firefighter for Gainesville Fire and Rescue, but he started clam farming because he saw the potential for the business to grow.
After 20 years of clam farming, Frank and Tracie decided to expand their operation by becoming a wholesale seafood brokerage.  In 2011, they built a processing facility for farm-raised clams, wild and farm-raised oysters, shrimp and fresh Cedar Key smoked mullet and smoked mullet dip.  The facility was completed and certified by HAACP in 2014.  Frank and Tracie began to visit potential customers throughout Florida.  Their base of loyal customers continues to grow as they keep their promise of quality products and great customer service.
Triple Threat Seafood was named in part after Frank and Tracie’s three children – Trey, Tristen and Tripp.  One of their fleet boats is called the “Tripple T”, a take-off of 3 children, the youngest being Tripp.  So, yes…there is a reason Tripple was spelled that way!